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About Koko’s



Our mission is to create mouthwatering confections that are fun to eat, share, and drive consumers back to stores for more. We’ve been doing that since 1995.


Koko’s began with a line of nostalgic candy jewelry which today still remains a favorite in candy stores around the country. That concept of “playing with your food” resonates throughout our product line and continues to be the foundation of our success.


Today, Koko’s partners with major brands such as ICEE®, Slush Puppie® and Fla-Vor-Ice® incorporating these dynamic frozen treats into compelling “fly off the shelf” sweets. We also have popular in-house brands such as Dip-N-Lik® and Twist-N-Lik™ and a constant flow of imaginative eye-catching candies – all packaged and designed with fun in mind. We put as much effort into the toy as we do the candy by using use unique blends of ingredients and flavors to create fantastic lollipops, spray, squeeze, marshmallow, lollipops, hard candies, pressed dextrose and taffy.


Koko’s products can be found in virtually every retail environment from grocery to C-store, from family entertainment to “big box” stores. That’s over 20,000 doors where Koko’s products can be found. Our product launches are frequent and our website is updated daily. At you will find detailed up-to-date information along with entertaining videos to educate you on Koko’s and the compelling products we sell.


We’re sure you’ll agree that, “Koko’s candies taste like fun!”


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